Es'hail-2 is a Broadcast Transponder Satellite owned by the Es'hailSat Qatar Satellite Company, due to be launched to Geostationary orbit at 26° E.

The satellite will support two Amateur Radio Transponders for Narrowband (Voice & Data) and Wideband (ATV), on S-Band uplink and X-band downlink, thanks to a Project led by the Qatar Amateur Radio Society.

Latest Launch Date: Q4 2018 (Source: Es'hailSat Twitter)

ATV Spectrum Monitor & NB WebSDR

In co-operation with AMSAT-DL, BATC will be operating a Spectrum Viewer for the wideband (ATV) segment and a WebSDR for the narrowband segment.

Goonhilly Earth Station has agreed to support the project, providing hosting for the Ground Station in Cornwall, UK.

Frequency Bands

Narrowband (250KHz):
  •   2400.050 -   2400.300 MHz Uplink (RH-Pol)
  • 10489.550 - 10489.800 MHz Downlink (V-Pol)
  • Modes: SSB, FreeDV, CW, RTTY, ...
Wideband (8MHz):
  •   2401.500 -   2409.500 MHz Uplink (RH-Pol)
  • 10491.000 - 10499.000 MHz Downlink (H-Pol)
  • Modes: DATV DVB-S/DVB-S2