Qatar-OSCAR 100 Web Receiver Project

Qatar-OSCAR 100 is the first geostationary amateur radio transponder, a joint project between the Qatar Satellite Company (Es'hailSat), the Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS), and AMSAT Deutschland (AMSAT-DL) which provided the technical lead.

OSCAR-100 is hosted on Es'hail-2, a Broadcast Transponder Satellite owned by the Es'hailSat Qatar Satellite Company, the satellite is now in geostationary orbit at 25.9° E.

The British Amateur Television Club and AMSAT-UK are operating a WebSDR for the narrowband segment and a Spectrum Viewer for the wideband (DATV) segment.

  • Goonhilly Earth Station is supporting the project, providing hosting for the Ground Station facility at their world-famous site in Cornwall, UK.
Es'hail-2 Footprint Diagram

Narrowband WebSDR (CW, SSB, etc.)

Narrowband WebSDR

Wideband Spectrum Viewer (DATV, etc.)

Wideband Spectrum Viewer